Health and Safety, Environment and Quality

For Shamrock Metal Recycling, people and their integrity is value above all other company objectives and priorities. No emergency situations, production or financial performance can compromise our people’s health and safety, the environment, or the quality of our recycled products and services.

Our Story

Shamrock Metal Recycling, as a recycling center and services, strives to satisfy employees, customers, suppliers, and communities through the continuous improvement of recycled products, services.
The leadership is primarily responsible for the safety of all individuals who work under his/her management, promoting all needed efforts to preserve people’s health and safety, sustainable development, and the productivity and efficiency of the processes.
Each employee is responsible for his/her health and safety, as well as of his/her colleagues, of the environment and of the quality of products and services. Employees must perform their job according to the company established procedures, instructions, standards and rules.
Shamrock Metal and its employees are committed to seek continuous improvement related to people’s health and safety, environment, process efficiency and customer’s satisfaction with the quality of products and services. All efforts must be directed for preventive actions, by seeking and sharing best practice and utilizing the learning in an effective way within Shamrock Metal Recycling.

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